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Gathering Evidence
With each successful step educators take, it is logical to begin to wonder, “What happens if all students and staff members could benefit from understanding the principles? What if the entire school system was involved?”  It is very important to document your own successes with stories, data, and eventually program evaluation.

As part of the answer, NRRC offers our very solid evaluation Outcomes with an n of 797. Without a doubt teaching the principles for realizing natural resilience and health has increased the health of helpers— including educators— in statistically significant ways.  

This fundamental personal well-being is essential to effective teaching and school administration. Especially notice what teachers are saying about successes with students. 

We have also documented NRRC impact on systems. See Resilience Research and Practice: National Resilience Resource Center Bridging the Gap pages 73-78 for a sample story. This comprehensive building level change was realized at one Minnesota junior high school where the entire team of building educators was involved. 
Tim Lieser, Director of Residential and Day Services, 
describes the simplicity of teaching the principles.
Multiply this by the number of school buildings in your own educational system to grasp the exponential power of “inside-the-system” change. Keep in mind the principles impact both adults and students in the educational system; very few programs do that.

Brady Hughs, School Social Worker, NRRC Facilitator
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