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We envision a day when educators in all positions will be prepared, motivated, authorized, funded, and evaluated as a matter of course to permanently infuse the principles in their own educational systems.  This will bring hope and relief to students and staff members alike.

For more information or training and technical assistance please contact NRRC and explore this website fully.

Educator Videos
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This video series offers historical, practical evidence of what integrating the Three Principles in school systems is like. These recordings may be useful to educators for ongoing professional development, workshops, in-services, or learning community discussions. A free Certificate of Participation for total hours of participation is offered. Contact NRRC.

Educators Living in the Joy of Gratitude” (#1-12 below) was coordinated and facilitated by Kathy Marshall Emerson of the National Resilience Resource Center as a charitable service. Representative veteran Pre K-12 educators from four countries who have shared the Principles throughout their careers are featured. Speakers include leaders who learned directly from Sydney Banks and others who never had that opportunity. All presenters volunteered their time and expertise. International digital quality varies. A huge thanks goes to Brett Chitty for generous original production and technical support.  To explore the NRRC Education page, click here.  Continue below to our video collection.

Educators Living in the Joy of Gratitude
1.    “The Essential Curriculum” – Barb Aust
(Click here for full list of all 21 video descriptions and presenters.)
Kathy Marshall Emerson, NRRC Director
2.     “A Teacher’s View of Seeing Beyond Behaviour” – 
        Christa Campsall
3.    “Impact of the Principles in Schools and the 
       Wider Community” – Peter Anderson.
4.    “Students don’t need to be “fixed”… they’re already 
       “fixed”!” – Gary Johnson 
5.    “Creating Optimal Learning Environments with Love: 
       Youth at Promise” – Rita Shuford and Susan Hill 
6.    “Married to the Principles” – Dave and Kari Decker
7.    “Empowering School Staff Members and 
        Students to Access Their Inner Health” – 
        Braden Hughs and Joel Selensky with Sue 
8.    “Principles Pioneers Working Solo in Schools” 
        – Marika Mayer and Dean Rees-Evans
9.   “Orientation to New Intermediate Curriculum: 
       My Guide Inside” – Christa Campsall with
       Kathy Marshall Emerson 
10.  “Elementary Looping: Integrating Principles for the 
       Long Haul" - Debra Bell
11.   “Educators’ Three Principles Teaching 
        Activities Sharefest!!” Multiple Presenters
12.   “Principle-based Educational Systems Change: 
        What can we count on?” – Kathy Marshall 
        Emerson and participants
13.  “Self Directed Education, Parenting and 
       Autism: Perspectives as a Home Educator and 
       Parent.” – Tess Christy 
14.   “Living in a State of Service” – Kathy Marshall 
15.  "Living into Teaching the Principles Part I:  
       Learning Life from the Inside Out" - David 
16.   "Living into Teaching the Principles Part II:  
        Evolving from the 'How Do's' to 'Just Turning 
        Up'- David Bodman
17.  “Experiences with My Guide Inside at Gulf 
       Islands Secondary School” – GISS Students, 
       Christa Campsall and Kathy Marshall Emerson 
18.  “Don’t Ever Forget the Miracles” – Mavis Karn 
       with Kathy Marshall Emerson
19.  “Deep Listening Workshop Part 1” – Mavis Karn with
       Grace Kelly - See accompanying Handout
20.  “Deep Listening Workshop Part 2” – Mavis Karn with
       Grace Kelly
21.  “Why Worry Won't Work” – Mavis Karn with
       Grace Kelly
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