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If you are an educator who already understands and lives the principles you will naturally begin to individually infuse what you know into your daily work. It may first show up as calm and caring relationships with students, colleagues or parents. Even at an early point you may comfortably begin to incorporate your understanding into lessons, staff meetings, student counseling sessions or meetings with parents. As you know, this is not a program, but a way of being.​

Most likely you are looking for reading materials and will appreciate the NRRC directories to all known published principles books  and articles. A significant online resource is Educators Living in the Joy of Gratitude, a 12-part webinar series, featuring more than 15 veteran PreK-12 educators describing their experiences integrating the principles in education.  
We also recommend that school administrators visit Canadian principal Barbara Aust’s The Essential Curriculum    website and read her new book, The Essential Curriculum   . Also view English headmaster Peter Anderson describing educational applications of the principles and student success stories at Anderson Wellbeing.
Joel Selensky, School Psychologist and NRRC Facilitator
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Resilience is a familiar topic in education today. Massive scientific evidence indicates, among many other things, that people do have a natural capacity to do well despite risks, if essential protective factors are present. See NRRC Resilience ResearchExpert Views  and Resilience in Our Schools. Don’t miss Dr. Ann Masten’s 2014 book, Ordinary Magic, Resilience in Development. At least one question stands out, “How can adults becoming caring and supportive?” Certainly learning the principles produces this essential protective factor and much more.

If you want to know more, contact NRRC  for information about recommended publications, training or technical assistance. Also see Services and Products. Don’t miss details about applying for free Charitable NRRC Trainings and Services.  

Teach what you know; trust the process. Let your feelings and wisdom be your guide. As your own peace of mind and joy emerge, student academic performance and behavior, and even school climate will improve. 
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