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Until recently teaching the principles depended primarily on teacher understanding and state of mind in the classroom. Today key resource materials support classroom instruction system wide.
Three Principles School Curriculum
This recorded Gulf Islands Secondary School student focus group documents powerful 2018 MGI student outcomes.  

This MGI Three Year Evaluation documents student outcomes from 2018 to 2021.

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Every educator expects supportive, hands-on curriculum and materials for any new initiative. School systems often have tight budgets. My Guide Inside (MGI) is a commercially available cost effective comprehensive principles curriculum. Created by classroom and special education teacher and School-Based Team Chair, Christa Campsall with NRRC Director Kathy Marshall, MGI includes learning books and teacher's manuals for primary, intermediate and secondary grades. Print and eBooks are available. No training is required to purchase the curriculum.  For details and outcomes see:
Educators who learn, live and then naturally share the principles with students have a tremendous impact.

-Kathy Marshall Emerson
Classroom Curriculum:
Teacher Preparation:
Important new professional learning materials are easily accessible.  "Educators Living in the Joy of Gratitude" offers many free professional development presentations. Veteran educators provide evidence of their vast experience sharing the principles in classrooms and school systems. NRRC also offers on site educator training.

​Barbara Aust's book, "The Essential Curriculum" assists educators in learning, living and sharing the principles to create a positive and optimistic school culture. Listen to the wisdom of this seminal classroom teacher, principal and university instructor.
To see NRRC's list of Three Principles professional development resources for educators, as well as curriculum and books for children and youth click here.

Samples are The Spark Inside for teens by Ami Chen Mills-Nairn; What is a Thought? and What is Wisdom? by Jack Pransky and second grade teacher Amy Kahofer. There are also other resources and training services designed for adults, children and youth in a variety of settings. Most require fees, membership, training or licensure to present and use materials. Examples include iheart and S.P.A.R.K.

Additional Resources:
School Physchologist Joel Selensky describes the systemic value of prepared teachers integrating the Three Principles in schools.

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