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The National Resilience Resource Center LLC is based in Minnesota and we are committed to meeting your needs efficiently.
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National Resilience Resource Center
​Frequently Asked Questions

Can I communicate with NRRC by e-mail?  Yes. Please use this form to send your message. We aim to respond within 48 hours. Occasionally you will be be notified we are unavailable for a specified period of time.

Can I arrange a telephone call with the NRRC Director for specific reasons?  Yes. Please complete the form to the left describing your question or request. If we cannot respond easily by e-mail we will arrange to talk with you by phone. 

How do I request or schedule training or other service?  Please send an e-mail with your initial request or inquiry. We will be in communication with you by e-mail and then by phone as needed.

How do I get free charitable training? We screen letters of intent and invite outstanding chosen parties to progress to the competitive application stage. One national and one international winner will be chosen annually. See details posted on this site.

Can you send me more information about NRRC training? Please see all posted information. If you still have a question, send an e-mail using this form.

Do you have a training I can register for as an individual? Almost all training is contracted by specific organizations. These are usually closed to the public and announced only to employees or members. Occasionally we offer special trainings or presentations open to the public; registration details will be announced on this site. Individuals may also register for the University course CSpH5201 as noted on this site.

Do you offer specific scholarships for the University of Minnesota academic course CSpH 5201?  No. However, on most University courses steep discounts apply for Minnesota senior citizens. Veterans' tuition benefits may also cover costs. Students who do have scholarships may enroll if rules allow. In some cases correctional or rehabilitation programs cover tuition for their clients. Tuition rates are set by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. 

Do you offer online courses or training? No, not at this time.

Do you offer continuing education credit for participation in training? We provide a certificate of participation with necessary details. Participants are responsible for submitting documentation to State and professional associations in accordance with applicable rules.
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